Neo Control Treatments for Incontinence

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Neo Control Treatments for Incontinence

Radiant Care Center is privilege to showcase its Extracorporeal Electromagnetic Innervation Treatment in the leading urologic institution, the Urology Center of the Philippines.

The therapy is completely painless. Nothing other than the chair ever touches you. You will feel a small vibration or tapping while sitting in the chair. You will even be able to feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting. The frequency and strength of contractions can be set to the exact protocol prescribed by the physician, building strength and endurance of pelvic floor muscles. As a result, patients gain an improved awareness of their pelvic floor, confidence, and control of urinary function. A treatment session takes 20 minutes and is typically done twice for seven weeks. For some women, this will cure incontinence completely. Others may need to repeat the treatments periodically to maintain muscle control.

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